A old homestead in the style of late classicism, miraculously preserved avoiding fires and town-planning transformations, has been an unconditional adornment of old Moscow for more than two centuries.

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18th cent. 1812

«Street traffic on the Voskresenskom bridge in XVIII», 1926 Apollinarius Vasnetsov /

The middle of the XVIII century 

Andrey Babushkin, the merchant, was first to developthe site from Staraya Novaya to Novaya Basmannaya.He built 2 textile manufactories, which began to function in the 60s of the XVIII century.

1793 — 1803

In these years granddaughter of Andrey Babushkin has inherited the land and sold it After that, the first residential buildings were built.


View of Moscow from the balcony of the Kremlin Palace towards Moskvoretsky Bridge. 1797 (Engraving with a watercolor coloring according to the J. Delabart's painting)

1803 — 1809

Fortunately, the homestead was bought by Yakovlev P. – a retired captain. He has rebuilt it according to the fashion of that time; the homestead acquired elements of late classicism. In 1809, Yakovlev sold the homestead to the aulic councilor - Count Saltykov.

Count Saltykov stayed in Moscow despite the war and lived in a small manor on the corner of Staraya Basmannaya and Babushkina Lane. Fortunately, Napoleon's fire did not damage this building.

kutuzovKutuzov. M. I
Fire of Moscow. Smirnov. 1813

The Decembrist revolt

1815  1825

1814, Weiss D.A., «Ilyinsky Gate China Town» /


Praskovya Vasilievna (Grushetskaya), the second wife of Ivan Mouravieff-Apostol, bought the homestead on StarayaBasmannaya Street, then her family moved to this house. However, they used to leave for Chomutets(in Little Russia, near Mirgorod) periodically.

This estate was given to Ivan Mouravieff-Apostol from his cousin Mikhail Danilovich by the heir.

1816 — 1818

At the beginning of 1816 the "Union of Salvation" was being formed. Among the founders The main goal of the union was the liberation of  the peasants and the reform of state administration. In January 1818, a new association called the Union of Prosperity was created in Moscow..


K. Holstein, «Meeting of a secret society» /


In 1822 Mouravieff-Apostols finally moved to Chomutets, occasionally visiting Petersburg, so the Moscow estate was sold to the provincial secretary P.N. Kalinin, and then passed to Avdotya Feodorovna Levdik.

The Decembrist Uprising took place in Saint Petersburg. Sergei Mouravieff-Apostol led the Chernigov Regiment. The government had to overpower the insurgents, and Sergei was seriously wounded He and his brother were captured.

muravievSergey Ivanovich Mouravieff-Apostol
Fire of Moscow. Smirnov. 1813


1844  1991

A.B. Kurakin's manor house A.B. Kurakin on Staraya Basmannaya Street, 21. Photo 1870's.

1844 — 1910

Since 1844 the homestead belonged to Levdik, in which he organized a shelter for orphans. At the beginning of the XX century, this homestead was in a quite bad condition. That was a reason to demolish the estate and  build a revenue house. The commission, headed by the architect F.I. Shekhtelheld a competition of projects, but they were not implemented. The revolution was close...

The 7th November of 1917

It was the date of the “October Revolution” and the establishment of Soviet power. 

1917 — 1923

The homestead was used as a school.

Columns of demonstrators in the days of the February Revolution on Old Basmannaya Street.


Mark in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising; Memorial plaque on the obelisk in the Peter and Paul Fortress, established in 1975; Decembrists. Figure Sergei Chekhonin for a dish of the Leningrad Porcelain Factory named after MV Lomonosov. The USSR, 1925


1925 — 1991

It was proposed by Lunacharsky to create a museum of the Decembrists in the estate related with the Mouravieff-Apostol’s family.

The museum was opened only in 1986. Since 1987 till 1991, it used to hold many interesting exhibitions, such as: "Pushkin and the Decembrists", "Decembrists and their contemporaries in portrait painting", "DecembristМ.С. Lunin ", " 500 years of the Mouravieff family ", etc.


The museum was closed because of the collapse of the ceiling onthe front staircase, which was caused by hasty and substandard restoration.

Restoration anrebirth

1991  2018

Christopher Mouravieff-Apostol during a visit to the still-ruined manor.


Makeeva T. C. and Mouravieff-Apostol K. against the facade of the manor before restoration.


The exhibition "Genesis" in the manor, 2016.


View of the restoration work on the facade of the house-museum


Restoration of Mouravieff-Apostol Manor


Ballroom before the restoration, 1999.


The descendants of the famous Decembrists - Andrei Mouravieff-Apostol and his son Christopher Mouravieff-Apostol for the first time came to Moscow at the invitation of the Soviet Cultural Foundation. Caught in the manor of his ancestors, which at that moment was already in an emergency condition, Christopher decided to restore his family seat and breathe new life into the manor!

During restoration it was decided to establish the museum and to dedicate it to the famous family. Part of the exposition was to become valuable items from the collection of family relics. But when the museum was opened, the family relics dispersed to other museums.

2000 — 2013

In December 2000, Christopher signed an agreement with the government of Moscow, the restoration of the building began in January 2001.

The restoration project was prepared by the architectural workshop "Alfarekon" under the guidance of Lazareva and Arkhipova. Igor Maikov’s "Express-K0" started the restoration of the wooden house.


Tatyana Makeeva became the general director of the museum. The problems associated with the restoration of the estate and arrangement of the estate lied on her shoulders.

2013 - Nowadays

Nowadays the manor has a new breath of life. World-famous exhibitions, chamber concerts, and creative evenings are being held there. There is a permanent exposition dedicated to the family of Mouravieff-Apostles on the third floor. Group and private excursions are conducted on a regular basis.

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